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What Others Say…

It’s important to us that the homeowners we work with have a great experience with us. Throughout our 30 years, we have consistently sold homes, bought homes, and saved homes in every circumstance imaginable. Our point is that we don’t just provide great service and fantastic results, we bend over backwards and do everything in our power to make sure YOU get the result YOU deserve. In the end, we’re not happy if we’re not able to provide you with the solution you want. So, check out what others have said about us in. Here’s just a few snippets of testimonials that other people we’ve worked with have said.

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Donald Kung was the listing agent for my house in Cupertino. Even though it was during the pandemic he was able to generate strong interest in the house. But most importantly were his relationships that brought many other agents as well as his negotiating skill. We priced the house very aggressively. It was the HIGHEST price/sq. ft on the market in the whole city. We still got $100,000 over ask in just 8 days! I couldn’t be more pleased.

Sandy S.

Cupertino, CA

- Sandy S.

I would like to say that your real estate consortium was a blessing for our family. You were able to help save my home from the foreclosure sale. Plus, you allowed our family to stay in the home for another year! The stress of possibly losing our equity, and having no where to live, was just too much. Your unique solution was the answer to our prayers!

Thank you so much for helping us!!! The kids are finishing school, and my credit is getting better by the month. The time you have given me has been a blessing.

Virgina T. and Family

Hayward, CA

- Virgina T. and Family

Thank you for saving the equity in my home after our terrible home fire. The fire destroyed everything we had, and we had to live in our car for several days after the Red Cross ran out of money for shelter. You were able to help our family save the remaining equity, and found another home for us to movie too.

Thank you for your creative thinking, and for the care you have shown our family.

Sharon R.

San Francisco, CA

- Sharon R.

… property was in my grandmothers trust when she passed away, but you were able to give me a loan when the banks declined it. Now, with the money, I was able to stop the bank foreclosure and use the additional cash to repair the home. You saved our families equity simply by giving us the time we needed. Thank you for your quick and honest service!

Loni G.

Oakland, CA

- Loni G.

Thanks for the quick funding on my loan. I was going through a bad divorce, and needed $680,000 quick. You were able to come through for me within a week. and solve my problem. Good job, and thanks for the service. Much appreciated!

Michael B.

San Francisco, CA

- Michael B.

I wanted to write and thank you for all your help. I just had surgery, and was behind in my mortgage payments. Since I wasn’t earning an income and was late with all my credit card payments, I couldn’t turn to the banks for a loan. I was able to find your company, and you saved my home from foreclosure. You were also able to structure a loan where I don’t need to make a single payment for 1 whole year! Wow! Does this really happen? This is going to help me so much until I am able to go back to work.

Thank you, and I will refer you to all my friends! God Bless!

Irma M.

Redwood City, CA

- Irma M.

You bailed me out time and time again. Thank you for your quick response and understanding! You guys were patient and listened to my financial problems, and I am going to tell my friends about your excellent service. I thought my children and relatives could help me out, but it didn’t quite work out. It turns out that sometimes you just need to ask for outside help. I am glad that I found you. Your company was honest, straight to the point, and worked quickly.

Cheryl T.

San Mateo, CA

- Cheryl T.

I wanted to thank you for saving my home with just a few hours to spare! With a trustee sale coming, and no chance of stopping it after my repeated delays, you were able to work with the bank to stop the sale. As a result, you gave me a second chance with my credit, and I was able to get money for my equity when I was sure I was going to love everything!

Thank you for your quick action, attention to my needs, and understanding my situation. I would be sure to recommend your services to anyone I know who gets into the same situation.

Rafael J.

San Bruno, CA

- Rafael J.

“How can I begin this letter? I’ve had my property for almost 25 years, and almost lost it to foreclosure. If that happened I would’ve lost my equity and still owed Uncle Sam for the capital gains taxes (around $115,000 worth)!

You not only saved my equity, but managed to find a unique solution to solve the tax problem too. I would highly recommend your company and thoughtful solutions.


Larry H.

Redwood City, CA

- Larry H.
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